Within the sneaker scene there are certain technical and slang terms used. On this page I want to introduce you to some of the more widely used words and phrases so that you know what is being discussed. First of all, we come to the structure of the superstar with the German and English terms.

And these are a few of the technical and slang terms used within the sneaker scene.


A sneaker that is worn daily. So it’s not a very well-kept shoes.


Abbreviation for “Brand New In Box”. The sneaker is thus packaged brand new and original.


Abbreviation for “Brand New In Box With Tags”. The sneaker is thus packaged brand new and original. The tags are still on the shoe.

Campout / Camping

This term is used when sneaker fans camp out in front of a shop awaiting a limited edition release. Sometimes people start queuing the day before but it has been known with extremely limited releases for hardcore fans to start queuing a week before the shoes are released.

Collab / Collaboration

A collaboration / co-operation between the Adidas and a designer fashion label or sneaker store. A collab is named this way: Adidas Superstar x “collaboration partner”

CW / Colourway

A colourway is the color combination of sneakers.

Cop or Drop?

The questions of “buy or not?”


Personalized sneakers. Here, the base shoe (base) can be customized with new materials and colors.

DS / Deadstock

Deadstock expresses that a sneaker is never worn.


A poorly made reproduction of a, usually, limited edition shoe – often sold as genuine on auction sites but are rarely as good a quality as an original item made by Adidas.


Simply put, a hook up is the act of purchasing a pair of sneakers for another enthusiast who often cannot buy the shoes in their own country or just cannot get to the shop – never done to make money from your fellow enthusiast (ie, reselling) but to help a fellow sneaker head out.


The Lacing called the lacing of the sneaker.

LPU / Latest Pick Up

The latest pick up.


Retail means retail price.


A sample is a sample shoe. This is made in order “to see real” shoe once. This is then also used for advertising purposes. But it also happens that the shoe is not then altered or produced.


The shape of sneakers.


The Sizerun referred the sizes available. For a full Sizerun All manufacturers typical sizes are available.


The Sizetag is the label which is sewn into each shoe. In this are the size, the Artikelnummer, date of manufacture and country of manafacture, as well as production information. Each shoe has its own serial number and production. On fake shoes it is not uncommon to find exactly the same tag with the same numbers in each shoe – this is highly unusual in genuine shoes.


Special Make Up. Collaboration without logo of collaboration partner on shoe.


The tag is often attached to the inner side of adidas sneakers via a plastic loop through the top eyelet. Most sneaker fans leave this in place until the day comes to wear the shoes for the first time, hence you will often see the term “de tagged” used when somebody wears a pair for the first time.

TTS / True To Size

TTS means True To Size, ie the fit of the sneaker is as expected compared with others of the same size. The superstars from the recent 10th Anniversary Consortium release are not considered to be TTS as they fit half a size larger than the size they state for most people.


Identifies the removal of the labels, which depend on the shoe.