Bear One (Germany)

pictures by Frank Meyer

Superstar 2 x Bear One “Wrong Turn”

Bear Ones favorite among his customs is the Superstar 2 x Bear One “Wrong Turn” from July 2015. Here is his statement to:

“The Adidas Superstar x “Wrong Turn” is one of my absolute favorite customs, even though I’m in the very beginning of my customizer career. I was very excited about the request, because I know the “Wrong Turn” movies and appreciate them. This was my motivation to whip the 3 Adidas stripes up to realistic bleeding wounds, in meticulous work. They are lined with extra leather and hand painted with special leatherpaint. The base shoe was a white Superstar which became beside the wounds a skin coloured upper with lots of blood. And not to forget the “Wrong Turn” writing on the heel. Perfect matching barbwire laces are made by BBoy Laces and Benji Blunt.”