InkedUpKicks (United Kingdom)

the pictures were provided by Gregor Aitken

InkedUpKicks are located in Glasgow and Newcastle. The two Scots Gregor Aitken and Russell Lawson teamed up professionally since they had great response on the customs they designed for themself. You can see all their customs at You can check them out on Instagram at InkedUpKicks too. Gregor Aitken specifically notes that the painting of their customs are crack proof and stain proof. So the shoes are 100% wearable.

Superstar 2 x InkedUpKicks “Dark Floral”

The current favorite custom of the two boys is the Superstar 2 x InkedUpKicks “Dark Tribal Rose” made in 2015 and already shipped to their fans all over the world . Here is a statement by Gregor Aitken:

“My favourite customs is the ‘Dark Tribal Rose’ this because we have had great response from the target market as they love the contrast of Black and the White shoe alongside the complimenting gold rose.”

The Dark Tribal Rose is hand painted with leather paints. The design consists of golden roses and black leaves and rose branches. The Trefoil logo on the heel tab has been also made in black and gold rose style.