Solesclusive (Germany)

the pictures were provided by Henriette Wagener

Superstar 2 x Solesclusive “Giraffes”

Henriette Wageners favorite among her customs is the Superstar Superstar 2 x Solesclusive “Giraffes” from May 2015. Here is her statement to:

“The Adidas Superstar 2 “Giraffes” is one of those works I had to do for myself.
The complete upper of an Adidas Superstar 2 has been exchanged for self-dyed calfhide featuring a Giraffe-print.
The sockliner was exchanged for smooth leather, the whole lining consists of a colorfully printed cotton-fabric.
Especially the cut-outs at the heel and tongue-labels took a lot of concentration.
Though the original model already has a thickly padded tongue, I added another layer of stuffing to adjust the rather wide cut to my feet.”

Superstar 2 x Solesclusive “02977”

My favorite among her customs is the Superstar 2 x Solesclusive “02977” that was released in June 2015.

The 02977 is hand-painted and comes with an exclusive wooden box. On each tongue is a label made of leather showing coat of arms and the lace jewel is also made of leather showing the zip code 02977. As the best things come in threes, the custom comes with a tag made of leather on which again the city coat of arms are pictured.