The Adidas Superstar

Basic models

The Adidas Superstar has been updated several times since its launch in 1969, however the DNA has ultimately remained the same. That being said a handful of different basic models evolved and are listed here.

Variant models

Over time, the designers at Adidas have often made some changes to these basic models to create different variants. Here subtile changes to the design of the Superstar created unique or limited designs that were often never reproduced. A list of variant models I’ve identified can be seen here.

Unclassified models

The names of the Adidas Superstars are often abbreviated. When researching, I came across some variants that I couldn’t classify. Perhaps someone else can bring light into the darkness?

Types of upper

The Superstar is a simple shoe on which many materials were used. All materials known to me are listed and described here.


Since 1969 several milestones of the Superstar have been released. Here are some of them listed and described.


The popularity of the Superstars attracted quite a few designers. What the artists have designed can be seen here.